Secure your wallet

Secure your backup by writing it down and keeping it safe. Losing your seed means we won't be able to assist you. Avoid entering your seed on websites or Google forms. Our support team will never request it. For assistance, refer to our Support page.

Exercise caution when deciding which mints to trust.

The Cashu protocol empowers all individuals to setup and operate a mint without any permission. Mints may be established and dismantled regularly without prior notice. Scammers may exploit this opportunity to offer services with the sole intent of stealing users' funds. Please verify the reputation of a mint before interacting with it.

eNuts is in early development

Please be aware that there may be bugs, errors, and incomplete features that could cause unexpected behavior or loss of data. Read more


Where can I find FAQs about the Cashu protocol?

You can find FAQs about the Cashu protocol on the official Cashu website. Please read them carefully to better understand the protocol.

What's new in eNuts v0.3.0?

Things are moving fast! Check out the latest release notes to see what's new.

Which iOS version does eNuts support?

eNuts requires iOS 14.0 or later. Certain features may not work properly on older versions.

Which Android version is compatible with eNuts?

eNuts requires Android 8.0 or higher. Certain features may not work properly on older versions.

Is there a testnet version available for eNuts?

There is no separate testnet version. You can simply add testnet-mints to your regular eNuts wallet to experiment with the protocol.

Note: the wallet displays a cumulative balance of all mints, irrespective of whether they belong to the testnet or mainnet. You can view the individual balances in the Mint Management screen.

Does eNuts support TOR?

eNuts does not support TOR. However, we are working on integrating it in the future.

Are there any service fees associated with eNuts?

eNuts does not charge any service fees. However, mints may impose fees for their services.

Do mints impose service fees?

Yes, mints can impose fees for their services. eNuts shows the fees before you confirm the transaction.

How can I redeem a token on eNuts?

You can scan the token's QR code or copy & paste it manually to redeem it. Simply copy the token, press "Receive" and then "Redeem Ecash" in the wallet dashboard.

Could you explain the concept of a Multi-Mint Swap?

Users can manage multiple mints efficiently, each functioning as nodes within the Lightning Network. The Multi-Mint swap functionality allows the transfer of funds between various mints by performing a Lightning transaction which can involve routing fees.

Is it possible to delete a mint?

Yes, you can delete a mint, but it has to be empty. eNuts does not allow the deletion of a mint with a balance due to the strict security measures in place to protect your Nuts. See this issue for more information.

Can I acquire Ecash through an onchain transaction?

This feature is not available in eNuts at the moment but is planned for a future release.

Can I reset my PIN?

In case that you forget your PIN, you will need to re-install the app and perform a wallet recovery using your seed phrase.

Does eNuts provide notifications for received payments?

No, eNuts does not provide notifications for received payments while the app is in the background or closed. However, you can check your transaction history to verify the receipt of funds. We are working on adding this feature in the future.

Why is eNuts not available in my country?

Each country has different regulations and requirements for financial services. If you are unable to find eNuts in the stores, you can download and install the APK from the release section or participate in our Testflight program for iOS.

Why is the app called eNuts?

The community has embraced the term 'nuts' as a representation of Ecash tokens within the Cashu protocol. eNuts derives its name from 'ecash' and 'nuts', signifying its role as a Cashu wallet.

How can I add new contacts on eNuts?

You will need to have a Nostr public key to add contacts on eNuts. You can add your public key by scanning a QR code or by pasting it in the "Contacts" screen. Support for adding private contacts is planned for a future release.

How can I send Ecash to a contact on eNuts?

After you have added your Nostr public key, the simpliest way to send Ecash to your contacts is by selecting them from the "Contacts" screen. You can also press "Send" in the wallet dashboard and choose a contact as recipient before confirming the transaction.

Can eNuts receive Ecash sent to me via Nostr?

Indeed, eNuts can receive Ecash over Nostr. However, it's important to note that eNuts doesn't have access to the private key used in your Nostr clients, thus it cannot read or claim from your private DMs. It is only capable of claiming Ecash sent to your new public key, which is generated by eNuts upon its initial startup.

Can I have multiple Nostr keys on eNuts?

No, eNuts only supports a single Nostr public key at a time. You can change or delete it in the "Contacts" screen by pressing on your profile picture and then "update" or "delete".

Is it possible to send funds to any Nostr public key?

Yes, you can search for any Nostr public key or username and send funds to it by pressing on the contact.

Can I search my contact list on eNuts?

No, the search feature works only for global Nostr users but your contacts are part of the global users. Searching your specific contact list is currently not possible due to how Nostr profiles are loaded.

Is eNuts considered trustless?

eNuts is not trustless. The mints are the custodians of your funds. Without the mint, you cannot access or restore your funds.

I've lost my phone; is it possible to recover my funds?

Yes, you can recover your funds by using your seed phrase. It's important to keep your seed phrase safe and secure. However, if you have multiple mints, you will need to recover each mint separately. 

Note: For a successful recovery, the corresponding mint has to be operational!

Can I restore my Android wallet on an iOS device, or vice versa?

Indeed, you can restore your wallet on a different operating system, provided that the wallet is compatible with it.

Receiving or sending payments keeps failing; what can I do to troubleshoot?

  • Ensure that your internet connection is stable.
  • Verify that the mint is operational. You can do this by copying the mint's URL, pasting it in your browser and adding '/keys' at the end of the URL. If the page displays a list of keys, the mint is operational.
  • Ensure that your wallet is up to date.
  • Contact the mint operator for assistance.
  • For further assistance, refer to our Support page.

Token already spent. What steps should I take?

If a payment fails during a network request, eNuts doesn't delete any tokens from your balance. In some rare cases, the wallet may add the token back to your balance even if the payment was successful, which can lead to a 'token already spent' error.

To rectify this, navigate to 'Options' > 'Mint management' > select a mint, then scroll to the danger zone and tap 'Check proofs'.

Where should I report a bug?

We use GitHub issues to track bugs and feature requests from the community.