eNuts is in early development

Please be aware that there may be bugs, errors, and incomplete features that could cause unexpected behavior or loss of data. Read more.

Why eNuts?

eNuts is a privacy-focused custodial wallet that not only allows you to perform lightning transactions but also private Ecash transactions using the Cashu protocol.

It comes with a basic Nostr integration because we believe Ecash and Nostr are a match made in heaven. Ecash combined with Nostr's inherent resistance to censorship creates a potent combination.

Furthermore, eNuts is designed with an intuitive interface that streamlines every step of your Ecash journey. Enjoy instant payments and privacy features backed by Bitcoin and Cashu's architecture.

If you are interested on how Cashu works, check out the 'readings' and 'additional resources' sections in the bottom of the pageside-navigation.


Latest: v0.3.0
Select the platform that best suits your needs. eNuts is available for Android and iOS. After the installation is complete, you can open the application and begin exploring its features.

We're constantly enhancing eNuts and value your input. Report any issues experienced during download, installation, or usage. For assistance, visit our support page.

App Store

app store

eNuts is available for download on the App Store.

Play Store

app store

We are currently working on making eNuts available on the Play Store. Meanwhile you can download the APK file.
Tip: Follow us on Nostr to stay updated on our progress.

eNuts Beta

Be at the forefront and help us with testing! Beta is for users who don't mind interruptions in operation and are willing to work with us to understand and test issues.
Latest: v0.4.0-beta
Important: We had to change the app's bundle ID due to a new Apple developer account. You may need to uninstall the old eNuts app and install the new eNuts (beta) version — Make sure to transfer your funds to the new version before uninstalling the old one.



Share feedback

We quickly incorporate beta feedback to make these versions more stable and usable before they are available to everyone.

  • Please share your feedback specifically related to the Beta version in this Telegram group.

  • For technical issues or crashes, please refer to our support page.

Do you have any questions?

For questions or concerns, please refer to our FAQs or support page.

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